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From generation to generation family farms have been passed on. Meier Family Farms is no different. From father to father to father Meier Farms stems back in history all the way back to Germany.

Denise (Oberstadt) Meier grew up on a larger dairy farm in New London, WI. Her family farm is in its fourth generation. Her father Allen Oberstadt still farms the land in which father Gilbert Oberstadt farmed until his passing who learned from his father Raymond. While being raised on the dairy she also raised hogs for the county fair, Denise took her passion of farming to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

Jake Meier grew up on a hog and beef farm in Frederic, WI. His father Glenn Meier still raises beef cattle today just as his father Augusta Meier did in the Mississippi River Bluffs in Prescott WI. August raised both cattle(Dairy and Beef) and hogs. Jake also attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. While there Jake and Denise met and fell in love not only for each other but again for Agriculture. Always wanting a farm of their own and to raise their children the same way they were raised was a priority.

In 2018, after much desire to find a farm to call there own and being away from animal production agriculture for nearly 8 years, a farm came up on auction that felt like home. The farm was not in the best of shape. The little red barn was good in its structure but not move in ready by any means. The concrete was shot the concrete walls were rough. It was like walking into a time capsule back to 1936. With old wooden stations still in place. Lead us to believe they just up and quit. But when? 1959 is the best we can tell as the original milking records indicated in the barn.

With two kids at tow, Adam and Michaela and a vision to show them a life we know and love we started renovation. We tore out the concrete lowered the floor of the barn put in in floor heat and built what is now a farrowing house for hogs. As the summer went on we re-did water line and built a new lean-to and hoop house for finishing hogs. While building the lean-to a skid steer bucket detached in mid air with Jake in the bucket sending him crashing to the ground. Breaking his leg in two places. We decided to start marketing some of the hogs direct to consumers to pay for some of the hospital bills. With this we never imagined what our little farm was about to do. We added marketing of family raised animals Beef (from Dad, Glenn Meier) and Lamb (from Crystal Meier, Jakes sister) Meier Meat Co. was born. We hope you enjoy our family raised meat products. We strive to be your source for all your family's proteins.

As our business grows we may have to source animals from other like minded small family farms. We have had to add several already in 2020. With increase demand and production shortages we hope to share the abundance of support that may customers have shown us.

Thank you from your friends at Meier Meat Co.

Jake, Denise, Adam and Michaela Meier
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