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Meier Meat Co.

Weekend Camping Grill Bundle

Weekend Camping Grill Bundle

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Take the guess work of planning your proteins for your camping weekend. Great bundle of quality cuts that can be used interchangeably for breakfast, lunch or supper.  All great over the firepit or on the grill. This bundle contains the following:

1 lb of Thick Cut Smoked Bacon

1 lb of Breakfast Seasoned Ground Pork

2 lb of Regular Brats - each lb pkg contains 4 brats

2 lb of Ground Beef

Approx. 3 lb of Ribeye Steaks - 4 total Steaks


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How is my order packaged?

Your order will be boxed ready for you to pick up. If traveling over an hour away, its recommended to bring a cooler as well.

Do you offer shipping?

Currently we are only offering on farm pick up, and other locations for special events.